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Robin RobertsI’ve met so many wonderful people on my book tour. The first interview I had was with Robin Roberts on Good Morning America (As you might know, Robin went through her own battle with breast cancer). I’ve met her several times, and can’t think of enough good things to say about her. But what I will say is – she’s the real deal.


  1. Trudy Paterson says

    So good to see you on TV, Lisa. I just read The Time of My Life ! I grew up in Houston and had a training facility in Tomball for 25 years. Tom and Rita got me my first job when I was 15. I so remember you guys at shows. Hopefully you might remember me too……. I look forward to reading your book. You look great ! Let me know if you ever need help with your horses. I live in Colorado now without a horse so want to move so I can follow my dream again to have one or more and work with a couple for old clients or new….I don’t want to go to shows every weekend like the old days. I am so happy to have seen you. Hang in there. Old acquaintence, Trudy Paterson

  2. Chelsea from England says

    Love listening to your interviews as you have been told many times before you really are an inspiration. Can’t wait for your book to arrive! Hopefully I can attend a book signing of yours one day, it would be a dream come true to meet you! Good Luck with the rest of 2012 by the looks of things your definitely keeping busy! Your book is becoming a great success :) Buddy will be proud. From Your BIGGEST FAN! XXX

  3. Simone Donhauser says

    Hello Lisa,
    Beautiful Picture and great Interview. I wish you much success with your book.
    You give many humans strength and hope. Thank you so much :)
    Sorry,my English is not so good.
    Love and Light

  4. Kathy Aunkst says

    From the interviews I’ve seen, it seems as though everyone was equally as thrilled to interview YOU!! :) You appear to be the real deal too!!!

  5. Annette says

    Hi Lisa,

    just dropping by to wish you the best of luck and a lot of strength for the on-going book tour!
    Thank you so much for having replied to my last comment, it meant a lot to me!!

    My thoughts are with you.


  6. Nicole Schmied says

    Dear Lisa

    It’s so nice to read from you and to hear, that you are meeting such wonderful people! I signed up for Twitter 3 days ago so I can follow your news now there too :-) I wish you many further positive and bracing meetings on your book tour!

    I got your book Yesterday. It was a very special moment to me when I opend the package. I love the cover, it’s really really beautiful! As I started to read the book, tears came to my eyes…

    Sending you a lovingly hug

  7. Divina Tavares says

    Olá Lisa, tudo bem? Primeiramente quero desejar-lhe um 2.012 cheinho de coisas boas!! Quero dizer-lhe também que sou uma grande admiradora sua e do Patrick!! Sou fã do Patrick desde meus 11 anos,ou seja, desde a primeira vez em que assisti Ghost!! Hoje tenho 29 anos,e essa minha admiração só aumenta!! Tenho quase todos os filmes do Patrick, inclusive os dois que vocês fizeram juntos!! A minha filhinha de três anos também adora todos esses filmes!!! Desculpe por eu não ser muito fluente em inglês!! Tomara que vc entenda o que eu escrevi!!Ah,vc sabe se os seus livros vão ser traduzidos em português? Moro no Brasil e aguardo ansiosamente sua resposta!! Eu consegui ler The time of my life através de uma comunidade do orkut em que participo!! Nessa comunidade conheci pessoas muito legais,e essas pessoas traduziram na comunidade uma grande parte do livro!! Graças a essas pessoas,pude conhecer mais da sua história e da história do Patrick!! E quanto mais conheço,mais a minha admiração por vocês aumenta!! Lisa, pra mim, o Patrick foi o melhor ator que já existiu na face da terra, seu talendo era demais!! Gosto muito também da canção Shes like the wind,ouço quase todos os dias!! Vc não imagina o quanto isso me faz bem!! Viajo ouvindo essa música!! Mais uma vez,quero desejar-lhe muito sucesso nessa nova etapa de sua vida!! Você é muito talentosa!! Tenho grande admiração por vc!! Beijos Divina!! Minha filhinha Maria Fernanda também está mandando muitos beijos pra vc!!

  8. Joan van Rijn says

    Hi, Lisa

    I’ve seen other interviews by Robin Williams with you. She always strikes me as very down to earth and very friendly. She seems to understand empathy, and she’s always so positive, warm and kind.

    I must also give you my thanks for writing “Worth Fighting For” as I’ve always wondered about Patrick’s final days. I’ve got this book on order, and I have to wait about two weeks before I get it. I’m really looking forward to reading it. I also appreciate the courage and personal fortitude that you must have had to be able to relive those last days of his life.

    Take care,

  9. Marcela says

    Lisa i couldn´t see your interview but i hope i can read your book soon!I am sure it will lbe great!Thank you for dedicate so much time to your blog .You are great!

  10. Nadia says

    Hi Lisa!
    How are you?
    After all this work, I hope that you find some moments for your self.
    Don’t worry if you can’t reply to all of us. We well konw that yuou are busy.
    But, as you said to us, in one of the last post, where you said to take care of us… You also take of you, ok?
    Alway thank you for your page in Facebook, for this Internet site and Blog and Twitter too.
    It’s a great pleasure to speak with you.
    A big HUG!! With LOVE!!

  11. Nadia says

    Sorry. I’ve forget a word. It’s: “take care of you, ok?”
    Always with LOVE, and always in my prayer.

  12. andrea pitson says

    Hi Lisa
    Wow you look wonderful in the pic. Will you be coming to england to do book signing at all?
    Just like Chelsea it would be lovely to meet you. Remember also to rest inbetween each appearence.
    Take Care xx

  13. Elke says

    Hello Lisa,
    I has seen some interviews on the Internet of you.
    Even on the German television on RTL a report on the image of your book “Worth figthing for” was emitted. It is wonderful. When does it appear in German?
    You are a very likeable woman.
    I find, you are very strong. I admire you as you handle with your grief over Patrick and yours are suited leaves as you said, “with only one leg”.
    It is often difficult certainly.

    Affectionately yours and goodness furthermore….

    Kind regards
    Elke from Munich

    P.S.: Excuse my bad English….

  14. Rudi Supan says

    I sat up all evening reading your book which is so beautifully written about your life and Patrick’s illness and how hard it is to watch the one you love die in front of you a day at a time. I also went thru the illness of lung cancer with my husband who passed at 47. I have walked in your shoes and wanted you to know that your writing this book has probably helped you to heal a little bit at a time but anyone who has gone thru this experience knows you never really heal. That below the smiles and calm demeanor the broken heart still lingers waiting for a song, a function or some wonderful memory brings you right back to the reality that life just isn’t the same without them. Trisha Yearwood’s song ” The Song Remember’s When” hits the nail on the head. I just wanted to share with you the website that I put up for my Greg that helps me to heal and share my thoughts and let’s his family feel like they can release the pain by writing down their feelings.
    Thank you for sharing you walk thru the pain and suffering of your dear husband and the courage he had. But also for finding how much courage that you have by having to face the Lion with Patrick. God Bless You Lisa!. Here is the link to my Greg’s legacy.

  15. Lindsay Luckadoo says

    Hey Lisa! Absolutely loved watching your interviews this week! And, I just finished reading “Worth Fighting For.” I couldn’t put it down! I received it in the mail from Amazon pre-order on Friday afternoon and finished it Saturday night. And, I will definitely read it time and time again, just as I have “The Time of My Life.” My heart went out to you with each page as I laughed, cried, and felt like I was on the journey with you. The undying love the two of you had (and still have) for each other brought me to tears…so beautiful! The defnition of true love. I know “your Buddy” is watching over you and is beyond proud of you (as are all of us adoring fans) for writing such a heartfelt, honest, touching, inspiring book. My hat’s off to you! Keep putting one foot in front of the other and trust your “Sisu!” Thank you again for sharing your story. As always, much love! XX

    PS. North Carolina would LOVE to have you for a book signing…we adore you and Patrick here! :)

  16. Lisa says

    Hi Lisa,
    I has already read “Time of my life” and findes the book sensational. Many thanks for the other book.
    One receives really great insights.
    You are a great, likeable woman.
    I wish you a lot of success on your PR tour.
    When does the book appear into German?

    Love and light from Germany


  17. Jennifer says

    Just started reading Your book yesterday Lisa. Im on page 106 already! cant put it down…. its amazing.. and written beautifully. Thank you for sharing Your Journey with us. Wishing you the best !

  18. says

    I loaned my Roommate Time Of My Life,He commented of your Last Dance. I dug through my DVDs and sure enough I had it. We both loved it. I will be getting your new book, and I know my roommate will want me to hurry through it ,so he can read it. Sending you good Karma and lots of love Girl. You are awesom.

  19. Julia says

    Well Lisa,finished your book last night and have got to ask you ,were you hiding in my house while my husband was ill in 2010.It was like I was reading about my time with jumping thou hoops,trying to do what was best for him and hiding my feeling with a smile.The only different is I had not even a month to wrap my head around what was going on.It was over as fast as it started,but with one thing different,i to was alone after 30 plus years with my soul mate.And yeah same old fog was there,it didn’t seem real and in slow motion almost.Bill had Grade 3 Astrocytoma,multi lobe cancer ,so he had no clue what was going on.All I could was smile and tell him I loved him,we tried to tell and he would just smile,but he always,always knew my name and that I was his wife.He was able to tell me that much until the last week.I know I can go on with my life,just not really sure how. I was always a stay at wife and mother. Not had time to grieve for him.My mother passed away of a sudden heart attack in June of last years,so the tail spin got even faster.I have learned I don,t ask what next,just know it’s don.t your life ,it plans you.I enjoy your book and cried my eyes out once again,and did you know ,it is possible to cry while your sleeping,really it is….PS should have made the pages water proof.
    Thank you for sharing Patrick and your life with us.

  20. Joann Perina says

    When I saw you on Acess Hollywood, I just had to write you. I lost my husband (age51) to lung cancer 9/30/10. It has put a hole in my heart and has put bought my young girls into depression. We were together 29 years when he passed and still so much in love. I wanted to first thank you for writing a book about your experience, which can possibly help someone. I wanted to write a book too, but didn’t know how to go about it. I also wanted you to know I had a similiar experience as you did. Everytime I tell someone my husband gave me a sign, some believe, some think I am crazy. Well, I had brought in my windchime and hung it inside because it was driving me crazy outside. One morning around 3 a.m. my mom became a believer. I was showing her a video and talking about my husband how proud he would have been of me, and the chime went off. It is inside, no wind, no movement in the room at 3 a.m. I said, ” Ma, I told you he is here”. I get so many signs, it makes me feel so good. Wheb I heard you say you hear the wind chime, you believe Patrick is near, he is :) It’s such a great feeling. I also was to do some volunteer work. I am not a well woman, but I am going to try to do something in his memory. We need to fight for a cure and for people to help those in need. Patrick was a great actor who fought till the end and we are here to keep their memories alive. God Bless you and once again, Thank You for putting out the book.

    All My Love, Joann

  21. Janet says

    I just finished reading “Worth Fighting For” and I am just amazed by your strength in all you did taking care of your beautiful Patrick. You both were amazing in your fight. He was so blessed to have you at his side through all of this. You are my hero!
    I lost my mother April 17, 2011 to this horrible disease. At 82 she had the whipple procedure at Cleveland Clinic and never became strong or stable enough to even try chemo. I cannot believe how fast she went. She was diagnosed in July 2010, right after I finished my treatments for breast cancer. Up until that time we had no cancer in our family. My mother ate right, did not drink at all, never smoked, etc.. in other words, she did everything right and still had pancreatic cancer. She was so healthy and active until she was diagnosed.
    I believe we have to make people more aware of this disease that nothing has changed in 40 years as to the outcome!

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