1. Joeol says

    I hope I get to where you are Lisa. I am post 20 days today of my significant others death from pancreatic cancer. We were together 20 years. I feel as though he just died yesterday and I feel so alone and in so much pain. Thank you for sharing your life Lisa.

    May God continue to Bless you,

    Best Regards,


  2. Cherrylmaree says

    WOW!!!!! You sound wonderful and you look wonderful….F1 is a favourite in our house…what an experience!! I know you must have heard this before..but.. every moment we live is precious and a gift and should be lived to the full. You ‘Cut Loose’ and live your life…be happy and share your joy with those around you ( near and far ) I read this blog and felt overjoyed ( and a little jealous ) for you. Have a fabulous time very best wishes Cm.

  3. Margaret McInnes says

    I actually can relate totally to the Willie Nelson song I’m “On the road again” . My father passed away in June. My mother and him had been married since they were only 16 years old. In Scotland, UK you dont need families permission to marry so young! Well their marriage was a long and happy one and they done everything together – for nearly 50 years. Well since my Dad has died my mum has been non stop here there and everywhere. I think its because she doesnt want to stop and think about whats happened…………right this very minute she is in Portugal with her sister on her very first holiday without my father. My dad was always the “leader”, the stronger of the two and I pathetically find it difficult to accept my mother being so independent – how strange is that? I know my mum is heartbroken and is just keeping busy to stop herself falling apart, but I think it might be better if she did fall apart rather than this non stop busy busy every single day

    So sorry for ranting, everything is still so raw for me and I miss my dad so much.

  4. Pam Cook says

    You look great and so does your smile:) Life has many chapters and you seem to have a meaning for each one:) Thank you for your inspiration and positivity! Pam Cook

  5. Elen says

    Hello Lisa,
    it is interesting to see how similar many things are even for persons who are lifing a very different life. After my mother passed away in may, my father uses every opportunity to leave the house. To be with my sister or me, visiting friends or just making a day trip to some place. And I am very happy about it. I think you both make it right. What is the sense of sitting in an empty house and getting depressed?

    I love your posts. They always give me an insight from another perspective. Your book had been sort of a guideline during my mothers fight with pancreatic cancer. And now I learn things about what it is like to loose a spouse after a life–long marriage. ( I am a single woman and this is almost impossible to imagine for me )
    It helps me to understand what my father is going trough.
    Thank you for all this.

    I wish you a lot of fun in Texas.

    P.S: These boots are breathtaking………..very beautiful.

  6. Helen norris says

    I am so very happy for you lisa and i think you are a very strong woman 🙂
    And if you feel it is time to move on and find someone else. I am behind you all the way. I know patrick would not of wanted you to be lonly. He would want you to be happy and so do we 🙂

    also going to re-read patricks and your books, i just loved them such much xx

    One more thing ill be watching the f1 aswell, ill look out for you 🙂

    enjoy ur life lisa,
    love helen(one of your many irish fans) xxx

  7. Angela says

    I completely understand. Todd has been gone 2 1/2 years and I feel like me now. I am not the same person. I am no longer Todd’s wife or hal of the Todd has and
    Angela couple of the past. I am just me now and I am good. When I lost Todd I couldn’t imagine I would be good again, but I am. For anyone that has recently lost someone, just know that it does get better and that life will be good again. I still have the occasional crying spell, but you have to let yourself grieve and cry so you can get better.

  8. Ineke says

    Lisa, you look great!! Good to hear you are having a good time in Texas!
    Willie Nelson performing? And those boots? Jealous….! Next time, I’m going with you, okay? 😛

    Have fun at the races!!


  9. Stéph says

    There is a time for everything and when it is time, you have to unberth the vessel. It ‘s like a release of balloons : you wait and look at where the wind blow them off and where it deposes them…
    The time is often a good advisor and have confidence in your own judgement : it rarely crew betrayed you.
    You look radiant and that’s great. We are happy for you.

  10. Marcela says

    Dear Lisa, I´m so glad you are feeling so good and happy!You looks gorgeous in the photo lady.I hope you enjoyed a lot the visit in your home town.Sometimes it must be very hard for you to be there without your husband…I love your turquoise boots .They are fantastic!
    Be happy Lisa,
    Much love and hugs to you,

  11. Red Hot Chili says

    You enjoy life .. and that’s wonderful to see. A beautiful jouney to read this.
    Thank you for sharing your daily adventures, my heart is filled with joy reading this blog.
    I luv the boots and your smile!!!

  12. Nadine Wood says

    Hi Lisa, so happy to hear you are enjoying your home town, that’s great. And when was the last time you got to wear your turquoise boots? huh? so just enjoy it. As I
    said in my last comment: you do have a certain glow about you that has persisted. Have you felt it or seen it or seen it yourself? whaterever it is it’s working for you. You’ve grieved and now slowly you are movin forward. . Good for you, you still have that youthful look and beauty…so enjoy life. And sheee’s off to the races…Go
    Let us know how you enjoyed the journey, sending rainbows your way as always, love n light Nadine

  13. Julie Clements says

    Hi Lisa
    You are really looking great and so good, your blogs really are so full of your life going forward now , just love it that you are getting into a better place and moving forward, life is for you to now push to the limits and get yourself feeling good each day.As you are a super strong woman with many followers who get inspiration from you.
    you go for it Lisa it’s your time lots of love God bless julie xxox

  14. Joanna Kontos Evans says

    And the bird has found her wings and flown WOOHOO!
    Rock in’ boots, LURVE them…
    Don’t turn completely invisible now will you Lisa, you would be sooooo missed!!
    Glad bright colours are slowly returning to your world…
    Love ya!
    Joanna xx

  15. Maite says

    Hi Lisa,

    I remind of you today for the race in Austin (Texas) and i thought: will be Lisa there? , and then when i saw your blog i said i know it, it’s your home, you loved so much yours begginings. I’ve had liked to be in this race in Austin, for to support to Fernando Alonso, spanish driver, he arrived in 3rd place, it’s not to bad, hah!.

    I am very glad you feel well at home. This is your really home, you borned there. That isn’t impossible to forget. Thank you for make this blog with the subject of your old home in Texas, though we miss a cowboy between people, i’m sure he was there.

    Love, light (still more) and best for you Lisa.

    Maite Sánchez

  16. Lilly says

    I lived in Austin until a year and a half ago and what a fun town it is. Something for everyone, even if surrounded by people and feeling a little lonely. You look smokin’!

  17. Kerstin says

    Hi Lisa, VERY NICE BOOTS!! And very nice new lightness of being. Now you definitely let the little bird fligh don’t you? It is fun to see you flighing! Thanks for sharing your flights with all of us. Wish you soft landings and send hugs,

  18. Ann says

    Great pictures Lisa.

    By that way, I love your turquoise boots! Make sure you take those lots of place and show them off. I sure would be kicking up my heels and enjoying life in them.

    All the best!


  19. Lisa Pilip says

    Hi Lisa,

    I’m so happy to have found your blog so that I can express to you just how much of an inspiration you are to me. I was crushed when I heard of Patrick’s illness and yet amazed at the courage with which both of you displayed during your almost 2 year battle with this disease. I always admired the love that the two of you had and my heart broke for you at the thought of how you must be feeling after the loss. While I couldn’t possibly begin to imagine what you were going through years ago, after having lost my father also to cancer last year I could actually say that I have some idea of the loss you felt as I’m sure its similar to how my mother feels. My dad actually passed on Sept 7th one day before their 38th anniversary. I still have no idea what to say around my mom and feel like I will upset her if I talk about him. The reason I’m sharing this with you is because I’m wondering if you have any advice on this having gone through it yourself. If not, that is ok, I just want you to know that I admire you for lighting a fire under those in position to have a say over how much money is spent on cancer funding and hope that you continue rallying and I know Patrick is smiling from above. I am truly happy to see that you’re well and wish you the best:)

    I actually just read your latest book this last past weekend and could barely put it down. What a beautifully written account of that painful time.

    Love Always;


    PS. I debated on whether or not I should show you this as its 2 years old and was made when I just started creating videos but I can’t bring myself to remove and redo it as its my most watched (and liked) video to this day. I am working on another tribute featuring just you and Patrick with the perfect song:) but its still a work in progress and I hope to share it with you when its done. In the meantime, here is the other video I made in Patrick’s Memory. I would be honored if you would check it out whenever you find the time;)

    • Lisa says

      Ps. didn’t get the link to the video.

      And I wouldn’t hesitate to talk to your mom about your dad. If she lost him only this past September, she’s probably spending every waking (and sometimes sleeping) moment thinking about him. I know I did, and it’s torturous, and you feel like it’s never going to change. Talking about her grief, issues, anger can be helpful to her. It’s all she’s thinking about anyway. I’d also invited her out. You know, to a movie, lunch, the store. She may not want to, but it’s good for her to see that there can still be a life out there, even though she may not be able to feel it right now.

      • Lisa says

        Thanks for the wonderful advice and for taking the time to answer my comment personally:) I don’t know if losing track of time is a direct result of feeling grief but he passed September 7/2011, I still am finding it hard to believe it has been over a year. My mom and I seemed to constantly bicker whenever we spoke with each other before but when we lost my dad I made a point to reach out to her by telephone and let her know that as far as I’m concerned I’d like to move forward with a clean slate. Losing him really made everything else up to the point seem insignificant somehow. I think its time to take the next step and make some effort and ask her to lunch as you suggested.

        **You should be able to see the video now as its showing right on this webpage, if not let me know, and I’ll send ya the link:)

        Btw. Those boots are killer!!!! I’m sure we’d love to see pics of you wearing them too;)

        Oh and before I forget; having recently read your newest book I have to ask, do you have any more books planned in the future? I know I’d love to read them:)

    • Nadine Wood says

      Lisa hope you didnt mind me viewing thd video…beautiful and very moving. It reminded us of how vibrant a man Patrick was. love it, made me feel quite sentimental. Im sure when Lisa sees it she will be emotional with sweet tears of remembrance
      Nadine W

      • Lisa says


        I didn’t mind at all. I made it so that people could view it and remember the great person he was:) I’d show it to the world if I could, though my next one is likely to be put together a bit better as I just started making videos then and have more experience with it now. Its going to feature just Lisa & Patrick this time:) I suppose I could tell you the song I’m using; “Last Dance”-Camera Can’t Lie, if its ok with Lisa I’d love to share it with everyone once its done:)

        • Nadine Wood says

          Would love to see the second video, n dont sell yourself short for the first was beautiful. you did an awesome job. I believe the music behind the scenes is what complements and makes a video phenomenal. The choice of song is soo important. God luck let me kno when its complete, I’ll be sure to check it out

    • Joan Knight says

      Oh Lisa, Just watched your video. How blessed you are to have such wonderful documentation and not memories but actual sight of how blessed your lives were together. To see the life, the love and the glory you had, and I know there were those not so good times but after watching this you can see that it is all his love for you, his abilities to express himself through his acting, dancing, and his love of life. But most of all his love for you. And you go girl, as we have talked before in honor of what the two of you have, let your light and his light shine. Just GREAT!!
      I know the feeling about being most alone in crowds. I went to a friends funeral and had no one that I really knew to latch on to or just kind of be with and it was the worst but it was an opportunity to gain strength and pay respects to a great lady (who was also plagued with cancer, not to mention both her son had died from addictions) that I admired and recognize that in her death she was also, teaching an important message. That is, as Patrick, you always live your days the best you can, doing all you can, never giving up, but moving forward til ya can’t go any farther, but when you go you leave your best, MEMORIES OF LOVE AND COURAGE THAT WE CAN CARRY ON AND TURN TOO, OUR MEMORIES, ONE ANOTHER AND THE ONE’S THAT HAVE LOST AFTER USE TO GIVE THEM HOPE AND BLESSING IN THEIR TIME OF SORROW.
      Well, I want to say thank you for the memories, such a wonderful tribute, and for not giving up or keeping it all to yourself. thanks again Joan

  20. Tani says

    Hi Lisa,

    I´m back again 🙂 Your post sounds really really good – full of life and happiness! So I hope, that its ok, when I´m writing something positive… No one in my life has died (and I hope no one will so soon….) but someone will be born in about three weeks – I´m living the opposite of your life now – I´m grounding. I will loose my freedom for a while – but everything has it´s time and this time for me is now.

    So because I love to do the things right, and having a baby was our decision – we decided to become a “real” family and married last week. I never wanted to marry when it´s cold, never wanted to marry pregnant and what did i do? Exactly that – and it felt so good!
    The only thing I couldn´t do was to marry in flat shoes 🙂 The price was high – unfortunatelly I gained a lot of waight the last months (I´ll loose it again – yes I will) and my feet were in real pain after that day….

    This year started sad and I began to read ur blog (which one was sad too) and through this year and your blogs a lot changed. Your blogs began to sound more happy and my life began to become more happy. Now it seems that your on the perfect path and me, I´m on the right place too.
    Between all these stories of dead and pain my baby began to grow and now to the end of the year it seems to be a really good time for both of us. I wish u all the best – move on! But I´m sure u will – and I´m looking forward to your forthcoming blogs – please don´t stop writing!

    Last but not least: u shared so many photos, so I want to share some photos with u (only if ur interested….). We had a wonderful photographer with us on our wedding day and she published the picures in her blog – so here we are: _____________________X

    Please do me a favour: don´t publish the link, I wouldn´t feel comfortable with it. I only wanted to “have a face”, I´m to shy to be shown here officially – and size zero is far away for the moment…. 😉


  21. Stephanie says

    Dear Lisa,
    Love reading your tweets, My dad was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer july 19,2011.We are grateful for every minute. He has
    Been such an insparation to myself and my husband. We learned to
    Love harder, say what we need to say, and take time to enjoy the small
    Things. God Bless you Lisa and thank you.for all

  22. Lindsay Luckadoo says

    Once again, I LOVE reading your wonderful blogs, Lisa! It makes me so happy seeing you so happy! And, what a great picture of you!

    As always, much, much love to you! XXX

    PS. Hmm…I think I like those boots even better than the Flamin’ Mamas, and that’s A LOT! (Maybe because I’m a southern, country girl) 😉

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